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 "Just Passing By"
The Aviation Art of Kingston Artist Layne Larsen

While I have always enjoyed drawing airplanes, aviation subjects are a relatively recent addition to my portfolio. They are predominantly executed in acrylic glazing technique on Linetek 3000 illustration board, but occasionally in more conventional style on masonite panels or in watercolour. In creating non-commissioned aviation paintings, I generally limit work to aircraft in, or that saw, Canadian service and try (not always successfully) to avoid conventional aircraft portraits by painting the aircraft from unusual perspectives. In addition, they are often obscure models of well-known aircraft, such as the Hercules-engined Lancaster B.Mk II and Merlin-engined Beaufighter NF.Mk II. My palette here is limited to ultramarine, napthol crimson, ocher, Mars black and titanium white, augmented when necessary by Hooker's green and burnt umber.

"Fox 2" 
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