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Any painting shown in this on-line gallery as ‘available’ may be purchased directly through the artist for the price stated. Unless otherwise indicated, all works are ‘originals’, personally executed and copyrighted by the artist. All are framed and double matted in such a manner as to show the work to best advantage. On the back is a description of the subject depicted, the medium and style of execution, notes on caring for the work (if appropriate) and a biography of the artist.

Commissons: The artist is prepared to execute commissioned works on any subject within his areas of expertize, consequent to agreement with the client on size, medium, subject, price, framing, etc. Commissions are subject to client approval; i.e. if you are unsatisfied with the finished work, simply return it and there will be no fee payable. For established clients, no retainer fee is required; however, for new clients, a deposit of 25% of the agreed fee is necessary before commencing work. In the event the client opts not to accept the work, this retainer will be refunded.

Prices: Prices shown are stated in Canadian dollars, and include framing and Ontario Provincial Sales Tax of 7% but not the cost of shipping. Payment is preferred in this currency, or the official exchange rate equivalent in US or UK currencies.

Shipping: Shipping is normally done by surface mail, because although slower than courier services, it is cheaper, just as reliable, and less likely to suffer damage in transit. Shipping costs comprise a $15.00-$25.00 charge for crating, plus the cost of postage and insurance. Within North America, typical shipping costs for a piece measuring 16 x 20 inches would be about $40.00. Quotations on shipping costs outside North America can be obtained from the artist.

Contacting the Artist: The artist may be contacted by any of the following means:


Mail: 2810 Highway 2 East, Kingston, ON, K7L 5H6

Telephone: (613) 547-0651