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Layne R. Larsen, BEng, MEng, PEng, SSM, CD

"My "Artist's Statement" is somewhat different than most since, as an engineer and former military officer, I have adapted the rationality and discipline inherent in those professions to my approach to art. From rough sketches used to establish the compositional elements, I prepare a detailed drawing of the entire piece that is then traced onto the material upon which the painting will be executed. I then select the three or four colours I am going to use and wash in all the tonal values in a shade of the final colour before commencing the detailed work, completely finishing each segment before moving on the next. I work on one painting exclusively until it is finished, usually for three to four hours each afternoon when my studio receives the best natural north light."

"When I first started painting seriously at about the age of 12, my set of oils contained only the three primary colours, plus a green, black and white. Consequently, I had to mix all the intervening shades from "scratch" rather than simply reaching for the tube of colour that was needed. Although I no longer work in oils, I still adhere to the practices of mixology and a "limited palette" because I believe they are conducive to achieving the colour harmony that is fundamental to a good painting."

"Please visit my galleries and if you see something that strikes your fancy, or would like to discuss a commissioned work, proceed to the final page of the site for more information."