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"Kingston City Hall" 
"Rideout Row - RMC" 
 "Parliament Buildings - Winter"
 "Canadian Defence Academy"
While I have occasionally rendered architectural commissions in acrylic or watercolour, or used the latter to tint my reproductions, for non-commissioned work I prefer to use a basic black and white palette of india ink thinned with water to provide a full-range grey scale. Living in the historic city of Kingston, Ontario, I find this medium a perfect one for drawing the historic 18th and 19th century limestone buildings. These pieces are predominantly rendered in vignette style, with little or no background, on Bainbridge S172 illustration board or European chamois paper. Over the years, I have done many of the historically significant buildings in the area, including the Memorial Arch and most of the older buildings at the Royal Military College.
 "Yeo Hall - RMC"
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